Step by Step Pack Up Guide to France.

France is undoubtedly a pristinely beautiful country to live and work. In fact, it is the largest Western European nation from where other European nations are quickly accessible, if you get a chance to shift there. Who would not love to enjoy traditional cheeses and delectable wines inland, along the sea, or amidst the Alps? However, it is also a fact that moving across the national borders can prove to be quite confusing and complicated. When it comes to France, things are actually a bit difficult if you do not have an organized packing and moving plan, including a friendly schedule followed by recheck checklist. In simple terms, it is easy to overcome any complication or confusion while moving to France from the UK if you plan, organize, and recheck your pack up schedule. To help you with that, here are the steps to take for ensuring a full pack up for smooth move to France.

Step 1: Gather Documents

Before even thinking about moving, you need to ensure that all valid and legal documents are gathered, such as passports, birth certificates, driving licenses, marriage certificates, health insurance letters for stating to cover you abroad, bank details, bank letter endorsing enough funds for survival abroad, letter of motivation stating the reason to shift, school transcripts, medical records, and new employment contract. Now, this might sound overwhelming but only in the beginning You should organise all these documents in a folder for quickly finding them when needed. Take at least 4-5 photocopies of each original document, as paperwork in France is going to be too much. Further, ensure that all marriage and birth certificates are translated into French with the help of an official translator.

Step 2: Accommodation

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Step 3: Apply for VISA

This is much dependent on your situation of employment along with the reason for shifting. However, it is vital to know that without a job in queue in France, it is almost impossible to acquire a work visa. If you only wish to live and not work, D Long-Sejour tourist visa is recommended, which is granted easily like a student visa. With this visa, you can live until you find an employment situation. For any kind of visa related details, do check out at your French Consulate or embassy nearby. Entry visa, work permit, or French residence permit is not required if you are a national of a country that is a member of European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA).

Step 4: Arrangement of Finances

It is wise to open a bank account in France but it does not happen upon one click. Most French banks will demand a visa or a residence in the country. This is why it is recommended speaking with your bank about transferring your account to the French branch before landing. Alternatively, you can also use the Expat system of HSBC and Barclays for opening an international account in France before your arrival. If you do not have a job, you need to prove that there is adequate finance for yourself as well as family for an entire year, especially in Paris. It will take time to deposit funds in your French account, which requires thinking in advance.

Step 5: Transportation

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Step 6: Gather Documents

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Step 7: Gather Documents

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Step 8: Gather Documents

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Step 9: Gather Documents

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Step 10: Gather Documents

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