The 8 most motivating reasons to move to France.

You might be inclined towards France as your next dwelling destination from your current location in the United Kingdom. However, is the not-so-good performing economy of France bothering you? Well, despite that reason, France is yet a comprehensively happy place to live in. While relaxed lifestyle and culture of this fashionable European state lures you, the economy certainly is incapable of suppressing that lure. This is evident from the fact that thousands of expat Brits on an average shift to France each year. Still not convinced fully? Here are more 10 reasons to convince you fully!

Reason 1 to move to France: Free Lunch for Employees.

Working in France is more often an offer of money-saving, tempting surprises rather than a schedule full packed for hourly meetings. Of all surprises, the very financially pleasing one is lunch by employers to their employees, as per the law. Usually, several employees in France take this advantage as a ticket restaurant, a voucher redeemable almost any food selling stores such as restaurants, cafés, sandwich shops, and supermarkets.

Two years back, this ticket was valued at €7.60 per day, half of which is paid by the employer and the remaining by the pay check before tax. This means that €4.44 is what you save each day, leading to savings of €1114.44 in addition to the basic salary (considering 251 working days in the state).

Reason 2 to move to France: Public Holidays.

According to the employment law in France, an employer is legally allowed to take 25 days as holidays. This is equivalent to 20 in the United Kingdom (28 but 8 are bank holidays). Several U.K. employers offer holidays for 25 days but it is not mandatory by law. Bank holidays are treated a bit differently in France from what is in the United Kingdom. Usually, bank holidays that come on weekends are something that you lose, as the system of considering being the nearest Monday is not followed here. However, you actually do not lose, as there are 11 bank holidays in France, unlike only 8 in the United Kingdom. Not more than three bank holidays fall on a weekend and mostly there are 9 bank holidays to grab for relaxation. There is also a standard practice of 'la pont' - an appealing rule that means to bridge. This means that when a bank holiday is on Tuesday or Thursday, workers are free to take Monday or Friday off for having a 4-day weekend.

Reason 3 to move to France: Working Hours.

Formerly, a law was passed to amend the standard week working hours from 37.5 to 35 hours. Nevertheless, most companies have stuck with 37.5 hours. Thus, to get rid of this practice, the Reduction de Temps de Travail (RTT) system is popularly followed through which you can grab a few days per year as additional holiday. The number of days each employer gets is dependent upon the contracted hours. Usually, for a contract of 40 hours per week, 10 days a year is what one gets. 10 bank holidays, 10 days RTT and 25 days standard holidays – you surely work to live and not live to work. Hey, there's more – Marriage, delivery, and moving home leaves!!! Further, if you have finish three years in a company, you can legally take a year off as an unpaid leave but you get back to your previous position after that period.

So, do these practices make you lazy???.

Reason 4 to move to France: 50% Conveyance FREE.

Did you know that your French employer is bound to pay 50% of all public transport costs incurred between place of work and usual residence? Well, this practice is stated in the French Labour Code's Article L.3261-2, which does not consider the distance or place of residence in the state. Wow! These French employers seem to be too good, right?.

Reason 5 to move to France: Low Crime Rate.

The local crime levels in the state are deemed to be lower than that in the United Kingdom. Although you will hear some rare news of pick pocketing and luggage robbing due to inattentiveness, there is no fear and panic here. While crime rate differ significantly between urban and rural areas, the relaxed lifestyle contributes more to a peaceful and self-focused living. Still, you are requested to check out about the specific areas where crimes prevail.

Reason 6 to move to France: Family Care.

As we all say, family comes first. From this aspect, France is truly a reliable place. It is ideal for raising children, as spending good time with family and loved ones has a high regard here. There is no doubt why so many holidays are legally given to employees. To add to that convenience and joy, meal times are longer here for spending that quality time with full family.

Reason 7 to move to France: Amazing French Food.

Is there any one to disagree that French cuisine is among the most sought after menus in the world?
Well, certainly no one! With a vast assortment of delectable foods of the finest quality, gourmets never fail to feel royal in France! Right from Michelin-starred sumptuous restaurants to tempting bakeries, everyone is bound to get something flavourful to savour.

Reason 8 to move to France: The Weather.

For those who do not know, the South France weather is more congenial than in England. The next fact is something that we all might not know – such weather is associated with financial gains. How? Well, most free or more exciting things to do in France are more enjoyable or only possible in pleasant weather. So, you either make full use of your money or use none but you are ensured of same amount of fun.

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