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Hunts International has been carrying out local removals around the Worcestershire/Warwickshire area since the 1940's when Arthur Hunts decided to start Hunts of Studley. The company was originally livestock transporters but quickly grew in to furniture removals as customers asked them to assist in moving their homes.

Hunts of Studley grew into a fleet of 40 Lorries and when the founder retired he sold off the removals side which was then two Lorries to Mr. James. The company continued to grow under the control of the new owner and in the 1980's changed its name to Hunts of Redditch. In the 1960,s the majority of Hunts work came from Stratford on Avon and surrounding areas, but with the coming of Redditch New Town this was now the major source which is why the name was changed.

In the 1980's Mr. James son Neil took over the role of managing director and expanded the company again operating vehicles across Europe and again changing the name to what it is today Hunts International.

The skills and experience at Hunts is second to none as not only have the staff been taught but a great deal has been passed down through the generations of people who have worked at Hunts We are also very proud of the Hunts name and know it will continue for a long time relocating new customers all across the world.

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